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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Getting started/Before you apply for scholarships


1. How do I know which scholarships I will be applying for and how do I know which essay questions/parts of the application to answer/complete in order to apply for these scholarships?

  • Navigate to and click on the “Search for scholarships” link.  
  • Make a list of the scholarships for which you would like to apply.  Note when an additional essay or answer is required. 
  • You will be automatically considered for the scholarships that match your qualifications.  Utilize your notes to ensure that you address all criteria for each scholarship for which you would like to apply. 
  • Navigate back to and click on the “PSU Online Scholarship Application” link. 


2. Can I use the online scholarship application to apply for all scholarships available at Portland State?

  • No.  Some PSU scholarships have a separate application process. 
  • Navigate to and click on the “Search for scholarships” link.
  • This database includes all PSU scholarships including those with separate applications. 


3. How does a first time student visitor log into Scholarship Manager?

  • Scroll to the Student section of the Welcome Page. 
  • Click on the “Log in here” link under the First Time Users description. 
  • A Create Account screen will open.
  • You will need to create an account in order to access the scholarship application.
  • When creating your user name and password please make sure to create a user name and password that you will be able to remember for future logins. 

4. What are the requirements for creating a password on Scholarship Manager?

  • When selecting a password, please note that your password must be at least eight characters long and contain characters from three of the following four groups:

  • Lower case letters (i.e. a,b,c)

  • Upper case letters (i.e. A,B,C)

  • Numbers (i.e. 1,2,3)

  • Alphanumeric characters or symbols (i.e. @,$,&)

  • A sample password that contains three of the four groups: Welcome1

When you are applying for scholarships


5. How does a returning student visitor log into Scholarship Manager?

  • Scroll to the Student section of the Welcome Page. 
  • Click on the “Log in here” link under the Returning Users description. 


6. What should I do if I forget my password or username?

  • Navigate to the Student section of the Welcome Page. 
  • The student should click on the “Log in here” link under the Returning Users description.
  • Click either the “Forgot your username?”, “Forgot your password?” or “If you require additional log in assistance, please click here”.  


7. How do I save the information that I entered on a page?

  • Click on the “Save and Continue” button at the bottom of the page.


8. How much idle time do I have before I will be automatically logged out of the online application?

  • You have 30 minutes on each page.  If you are on a page for more than 30 minutes and do not click the “Save and Logout” button during this time, you will be automatically logged out of Scholarship Manager.


9. Can I return to complete the application later? 

  • Yes.  You can log in and out of the application as often as needed up until the application due date. 
  • To ensure the data entered is saved, click on “Save and Continue” at the bottom of the page you are on before logging out.
  • Do NOT click on submit.  Once you submit, you will no longer have access to change your application.


10. What is the best way to complete the essay questions? 

  • Read the instructions for each essay before writing. 
  • We recommend that you complete your essays in a word processor such as Microsoft Word.  We also recommend you use paragraphs and an easy to read font and type size.    
  • You can check the length of your essay by clicking on “Tools” and then “Word Count.”   
  • Since each essay has a word maximum limit make sure you note the word count of your essay. 
  • "Copy" and “Paste” your essay into the appropriate essay text box.  Students should use their keyboard (ctrl-v) or right click their mouse to paste in essays.  Note the appearance of your pasted essay and make any changes to improve its appearance.   


11. What happens if I don’t answer a mandatory question? 

  • You will receive a warning message that will list the required question(s) that were not answered. This message also includes a link to the page(s) where the unanswered questions reside. 
  • Click on the link to access the page(s) you need to update.  Until you answer all required questions, you will not be allowed to submit your application.


12. What should I enter for the essay questions that do not apply to the scholarships I am applying for?

  • Unless you are answering the essay question leave the essay question answer box completely blank.    


13. Can a student update his/her application?

  • Yes.  Prior to submitting the application, students can edit their answers as often as they would like. 
  • Once the student submits an application, he/she cannot edit answers. 


14. What happens if a reference does not receive the email?

  • Confirm the email address to which the reference is being sent.  If the address is incorrect, withdraw the incorrect email address and enter the correct email address. 
  • When the address is correct, alert the reference to watch for an email from  The reference should receive the email within one hour.
  • Try re-sending the email invitation. 
  • If your application has been submitted, click on “Manage Letters of Recommendation” in order to send a reminder email.  
  • Advise the recommender to check their junk mail or SPAM box.  Some email accounts will automatically send your email invitation to the reference’s junk mail box.  Many school email accounts, especially K-12 schools, have strong security filters that automatically prevent many emails from getting through.     
  • Ask the recommender if you can send the email invitation to their personal email account.  Many personal email accounts are less likely to automatically send your email invitation to the junk mail box.    


15. How does a student remove or change a reference?

  • If the application has not been submitted: click on “Continue Application”, withdraw the reference from the application, and click on “Save and Continue” to save the changes. 
  • If the application has been submitted: click on “Manage Letters of Reference” and click on the withdraw button next to the applicable reference.
  • To add a new reference input the reference information in the newly opened reference box.  Once entered click on the “Save and Continue” button for open applications or the “Save and Return” button for submitted applications.


16. Should I contact my recommenders to make sure that they have received my email invitation and successfully completed my scholarship recommendation?

  • Yes.  It is your responsibility to contact your recommenders and provide support for them as they complete and submit your scholarship recommendation by the deadline.  You will not be considered for scholarships unless the required recommendations are submitted by the appropriate deadline. 


17. How do I know if my recommendations have been submitted to my scholarship application?

  • Before or after you submit your scholarship application you can log in and monitor the status of your recommendations. 
  • Click on “Review your answers” and then click on “Manage Letters of Recommendation”. 
  • Check the status of your recommendations. If a recommendation has been returned to your file, it will say "Done!" in the status box next to it.


After you have completed and submitted your scholarship application


18. Can I print a copy of my completed application?  

  • Yes.  On the summary page you will find a link for a “Printer-friendly version” of your application. 
  • Click on this link to print your application.


19. Can I change any answers after completing my application? 

  • No. Once you submit your application, your answers are final. 


20. Will I receive an email confirmation of my completed email application? 

  • Yes.  When your scholarship application has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you entered when creating your online scholarship account.


21. How will I be notified if I am selected as a scholarship recipient?


  • Students selected for a scholarship will be notified via a mailed letter.
  • Students not selected for scholarships will be notified via email.
  • Typically, most PSU undergraduate scholarships are awarded by mid-March.


  • Students selected for a scholarship will be notified via a mailed letter.
  • Students not selected for scholarships will be notified via email or a mailed letter.
  • Typically, most PSU graduate scholarships are awarded between April and June.   


  • You must keep your contact information (mailing and email addresses) current in Banweb. We will attempt to notify you of your application results using that contact information.


22. How do I accept my scholarship award?

  • For most scholarships, the scholarship will be offered to you on your Financial Aid Award in Banweb, and you must accept the award online. This will be the case even if you have not applied for federal financial aid on the FAFSA.
  • You will log in through, click on the Financial Aid tab, then click on Accept/Decline Award. Select the appropriate aid year. Read through the information on the tabs, paying particular attention to the Terms and Conditions. Once you accept the Terms and Conditions, you will be able to click the final Accept Award Offer tab, where you may accept or decline the scholarship.
  • There will be a scholarship acceptance deadline. If you do not accept the scholarship by the deadline, you have forfeited the offer, and the scholarship will be awarded to another applicant


23. Will receiving a scholarship change my financial aid awards?

  • Due to federal regulations, the Office of Financial Aid is required to consider all of your financial resources when determining eligibility for financial aid. 
  • Receiving a scholarship may change the composition of your financial aid award.


24. If I am awarded a scholarship, do I need to write a Thank You Note?

  • Portland State University alumni and friends provide scholarship support because they believe students like you can make a difference and deserve a college education. For most scholarships, we will ask you to express your gratitude to your scholarship donor by writing a note of appreciation. Your note confirms the value of the donor's contribution and encourages their continued support. 
  • If a Thank You Note is required for your scholarship, after you accept the scholarship in Banweb, you will see an Thank You Note requirement with instructions listed in your Outstanding Requirements. Please follow the instructions for writing and submitting the Thank You Note. 
  • If a Thank You Note is required, you will not receive the first disbursement of the scholarship until you have submitted the Thank You Note.